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Year-End Tax Planning

The end of 2019 is almost here, and we at Taxman & Associates want to make sure that we are helping you minimize what you owe in 2020. With the amount of changes to US tax laws since 2018, how are you lowering your tax liability? Merrill Edge created a good starter list of ways to benefit you, the taxpayer, including maxing out your contributions to your retirement plan and funding an education plan, among others.

Vinay Navani, CPA at Wilkin Guttenplan, recommends talking your tax advisor to see what these changes to tax rates and deductions mean for you. If you would like us to go over your finances for 2019 and give you recommendations on how you can benefit before the end of the year, contact us now to schedule a meeting (over the phone or in person). We can help you make smart, personalized financial moves in order to help reduce your tax bill in the coming year.

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