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Unfiled & Unpaid Taxes

We have achieved significant success with numerous clients, not only by relieving them of burdensome back taxes, but securing IRS penalty abatements in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our team is effective and efficient at putting IRS problems to rest.

Unfiled Tax Returns

We can help you get caught up on unfiled tax returns painlessly. If you are missing records, we can obtain them quickly and easily from the IRS through online access. Generally, all unfiled tax returns must be filed before the IRS will commence negotiations and release a Levy, grant an Installment Agreement, or accept an Offer in Compromise. 

Unpaid Taxes

The first step in addressing your unpaid taxes is to ascertain what the IRS already knows and requires.

Our unique and comprehensive 7-step Compliance and Collection Check solidifies the facts:

  1. Identification of your unpaid tax obligations, year by year.
  2. Determination of the years for which tax returns have not been filed.
  3. Listing of W2’s and 1099’s filed under your name for those respective years.
  4. Identification of the years for which the IRS has filed a Substitute for Return (or filed a Return) on your behalf.
  5. Assessment of any collection actions currently pending against you.
  6. Calculation of the remaining time for the IRS to collect unpaid taxes under the Statute of Limitations.
  7. Verification of any Tax Liens filed against you.

Through the Compliance and Collection Check, we establish the facts, including the total amount of back taxes owed, identifying the missing tax returns, determining the reported income for each year under your name, and evaluating your current position in the collection process.

These essential steps allow us to commence the process with the IRS and provide the best possible advice and options for our clients.

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"You should never meet or deal with the IRS alone. Similar to being represented in court, the IRS has a complex set of laws and procedures that should always be handled by a competent and capable person who knows these laws."

Matt Browne, EA
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Tax Penalties

Anyone who has faced a tax problem with the IRS or a state-taxing agency understands the significant impact of government-imposed penalties for non-compliance. Due to the rapid accumulation of high tax penalties and interest, what may begin as a manageable tax issue can swiftly escalate to unmanageable levels. Many clients seek our assistance in dealing with tax penalty matters.

The IRS offers a way to avoid tax penalties by demonstrating a valid excuse, known as reasonable cause. The following information is directly excerpted from the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), section

Reasonable Cause

  1. Reasonable cause is based on all the facts and circumstances in each situation and allows the Service to provide relief from a penalty that would otherwise be assessed. Reasonable cause relief is generally granted when the taxpayer exercises ordinary business care and prudence in determining their tax obligations but is unable to comply with those obligations.
  2. In the interest of equitable treatment of the taxpayer and effective tax administration, the nonassertion or abatement of civil penalties based on reasonable cause or other relief provisions provided in this IRM must be made in a consistent manner and should conform with the considerations specified in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), Regulations (Treas. Regs.), Policy Statements, and Part 120.1.
  3. Reasonable cause relief is not available for all penalties; however, other exceptions may apply.

We have been successful numerous clients in having the IRS abate in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.