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We provide a formidable audit defense. The IRS is an organization that is mission-focused on the strict enforcement of Tax Laws. Without proper representation, the IRS will continue to enforce those laws without informing you of the potential options that may be available. Many Taxpayers simply believe “the IRS can do whatever they want.” In reality, with excellent representation, you’d be amazed at the various options that become accessible to you.

Audit Defense

We get involved at various stages of the audit process. Many clients come to us immediately upon getting contacted by the taxing agencies. Others start the audit on their own or with their accountant, and turn to us when they feel that that the process is starting to overwhelm them. Often, we are asked to step in once a taxing agency has made an unfavorable adjustment to the taxpayer’s tax liability.

Our approach towards audits is grounded in extensive preparation and process management. Although we have achieved great results at every stage of the audit process, we feel that the best results are achieved when the client brings us in as early as possible.

We have represented our clients in audits before the IRS and the Washington State Department of Revenue resulting in saving well over the fees that were paid to us.

Working an audit is an art form.  Its a dance between us and the IRS.  Its getting the best results for our client using all of the tools that we have learned and developed representing clients in audits.

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"To be a savvy investor and reduce your tax burden, it's crucial to be aware of the specific tax breakpoints for Federal and Washington State Capital Gain Taxes, as well as the Net Investment Income Tax."

Joe Allen, CPA
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Audit Reconsideration

A taxpayer may have undergone a State or Federal tax audit, leading to an additional tax assessment. Throughout the audit, the taxpayer might have faced challenges in substantiating their case due to missing certain documents or other evidence that could have supported their position. In other cases, taxpayers may have missed the audit entirely, leading to an erroneous assessment being issued against them. Once the audit assessment becomes final, the government proceeds with debt collection. However, the taxpayer may later discover new evidence in their favor, which could have resulted in a smaller or no assessment at all.

We have achieved significant success in reopening and overturning inaccurate audit assessments, resulting in savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients.