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An FBI-Themed Scam, A New FBAR Tool, And Approaching Deadlines

The scammers are at it again! This time, there’s an email phishing scheme going around from senders impersonating the IRS and FBI. The email asks you to fill out and send in a “questionnaire” from the FBI, which will then be used in a ransomware scam against you–holding your personal information hostage for money. Keep yourself and your information safe! View the official warning and a sample of the fraudulent email on the IRS Website.


Have overseas business, investments, or income, and can’t figure out if you’re required to file an FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report)? There’s a new tool from Aaron Wiener called The FBAR Wiz, which provides a simple questionnaire to help you determine if you need to file one. The website also features a very informative blog – check it out!


Filing deadlines are approaching! If you own a business, your 3rd Quarter Business Returns must be filed by this Friday, September 15th, 2017. September 15th is also the deadline for getting your documents in to me if you’d like me to file your personal tax return by the extension deadline, October 16th, 2017! Many tax professionals have submission deadlines a month out from the filing deadline, so if you need help filing your taxes, don’t wait. Contact me now to get your tax return filed!

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