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Why does the IRS need $80 billion?

Wondering why the IRS needs $80 billion? Read more here about it in the article liked below by the Washington Post.

The eye-opening photos in the article reveal an ocean of paperwork and ancient systems used by the IRS today. Howard Choder, who worked at the IRS for 15 years, said this: “I left the IRS in 1997. Those pictures are exactly the procedures we had back then except they now use Windows XP which is still 15 years old and 3 operating systems ago. Congress should be ashamed of themselves.”

“Treasury and IRS officials say they hope additional funding will allow them to automate more of this process, so returns can move through more swiftly. They’re not particularly worried about employees getting displaced by automation; about a third of IRS employees are already eligible for retirement. There’s also more than enough work to go around. (See: that 10.2-million-return backlog.)”

You can also check out more of the photos from the article on our Twitter:

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