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Winston Homan

Winston Homan

Winston, the dapper tuxedo cat, is not your ordinary feline. This four-legged aficionado of sophistication and style graces his human’s life with a touch of elegance while they crunch numbers and navigate the complex world of taxes.

With his sleek black coat and crisp white chest, Winston resembles a miniature James Bond, ready to tackle any financial challenge that comes his way. He’s the purr-fect assistant for his tax-savvy owner, always offering a comforting presence during those long hours of number-crunching and paperwork.

Winston’s life is an intriguing blend of calculators and cuddles, spreadsheets and snuggles. When he’s not sitting regally by the desk, overseeing the chaos of receipts and invoices, he indulges in playful escapades that remind us all to take a break and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

This dashing feline has a knack for making mundane tax season tasks a bit more glamorous, and his calming presence is a reminder that even amidst financial complexities, there’s always room for a dash of feline charm. With Winston by their side, tax season for his human is more than just a chore; it’s an elegant partnership in the art of balancing life’s scales.


CFO (Chief Feline Officer)


Can’t Claim Him as A Dependent



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