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Last Friday I was a guest on Mike Adams’ radio show, “About Money,” aired on Business Radio 1300, KKOL. I spoke about my background and experience with the IRS, and informed the listeners on:

  • Which tax returns are likely to be audited
  • How the IRS “scores” your tax return for audit
  • What to do if you receive a notice from the IRS
  • Important things to keep in mind when facing an audit
  • Identity theft

The spot is just over 13 minutes – about as long as it takes you to eat your lunch or take a coffee break. Give it a listen:

Most importantly, if you’re experiencing any of these, contact me right away. As I mention on the segment – just like you wouldn’t want to go to court without a lawyer, you don’t want to face the IRS without representation. Call your taxman at (206) 323-1066 or send me an email at

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