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IRS calls you to tell you owe taxes and a Lawsuit is about to be filed

It’s a SCAM!

I receive calls from clients two or three times a week.  I assure them, their taxes are fine and the IRS would never call to relay that type of information.

Last month, I received the phone call too.  So I played along, letting them know I was very scared and would be willing to pay immediately to settle the debt.  I then got transferred to “the closer”.  He wanted me to wire $2,615 to their bank account.  I told him that I would prefer to go to the local IRS Office to pay them directly.  He said no, this was another Division and could not be handled locally.  I told him I know would feel more comfortable personally delivering the check to the Seattle Office as I know people at the local office since I used to work there.

CLICK, end of conversation.

Don’t fall victim to this scam!

UPDATE October 2016: Police in Mumbai, India arrested 70 people involved in a massive tax phone scam! Read the follow-up post here.




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